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Adventure Destinations in India
India, paradise for adventure lovers, where every part has more than something for enjoying adventure vacations.

The Andaman & Nicobar Islands are a group of picturesque Islands, big and small, inhabited and uninhabited. Comprising 572 islands, islets and rocks, lying in the southeastern part of the Bay of Bengal. They lie along an arc, in a long and narrow broken chain, running approximately North-South, stretching nearly eight hundred kilometers.

Andaman waters are suitable for adventure water sports like Scuba Diving, Game Fishing, Skiing, Sailing, Para Sailing, Wind Surfing, Snorkeling & Trekking through the dense evergreen forests.

Scuba Diving in Andamans
The coastal water surrounding theses islands is the abode of one of the richest coral reef ecosystem is the world. Many of the islands are surrounded by fringing reefs, often several hundred meters wide and separated from the shore by a lagoon of similar width.

There are also more steeply undulating hills of raven volcanic lava, which makes for some unusual diving. Large pelagic are plentiful in these waters, as are a variety of sharks. Large schools of hammerhead often patrol the waters away from the reefs and Grey, Whitetip, Nurse and leopard sharks are found closer inshore. Silvertip and Ocean Whitetips also sometimes appear out of the deep blue beyond.

One can go trekking through the nature trail from Mt. Harriet to Kalapathar and enjoy the rare forest life, flora and fauna. There are other trekking routes also at places like Chidiya Tapu, etc. Trekking equipment and tents are available on hire from Andaman Teal House.

One can enjoy the under-water marine life and view the rarest varieties of corals by snorkeling near the Andaman Water Sports Complex, Corbyn's Cove Tourism Complex, Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park, Havelock and other islands on all days from dawn to dusk depending on weather. There are plenty of steeply sloping and shallow reefs all around suitable for this purpose.

Island Camping
Island camps are just the right choice for the nature lovers, who wish to enjoy sun, sea and pristine beauty of nature by spending quiet holidays right on the beach. Tents are available locally on hire from October to May.
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