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Rishikesh In India

Adventure Destinations in North India

Adventure Destinations in India
India, paradise for adventure lovers, where every part has more than something for enjoying adventure vacations.

Rishikesh India is known as the Tapo Bhumi or the place for meditation of the Gods. Rishikesh is one of the most popular pilgrimage for the Hindus. At this place the Ganges leaves the mountains and prepares herself to begin a long journey through the plains. Rishikesh stands at an altitude of 356 meters above sea level and along the river, the area is filled with thick green forests in the all-mountainous region. All this sounds very interesting, well yes it is, and this is where Rishikesh travel comes to make it more memorable.

The entire area falls on the Garhwal region of Northern India. Rishikesh India is one tourist destination, which the pilgrims, nature lovers and the adventure seekers love to visit. Rishikesh is famous for adventure activities like river rafting, trekking, rock climbing, hiking et al.

Adventure Sports In Rishikesh
The rivers of Rishikesh are excellent destinations for the adventure sports. Rishikesh is close to the stretch in the early stages of the Ganges with the exhilarating Alaknanda and Bhagirathi rivers. You may enjoy the wild white waters of the Indus, Beas, Sutlej and Yamuna too for river rafting.

You may even indulge in canoing during your Rishikesh travel. A gentle canoe trip in a lightweight alloy-metal craft is popular with the adventurers. Hiking and nature holidays are also well accepted by the tourists in Rishikesh. Rishikesh also acts at a base for trekking camps. You may choose from the Chandrashila, Devi darshan, Kauri and several other treks from Rishikesh.

Water Rafting
Situated near Rishikesh is another ideal river rafting site of Shivpuri, where camping facilities are present along the Ganges River. Beside the camping facilities, tourists are also provided with Expert guides and top quality equipment and rafting gear.

Rafting Season in Rishikesh
The suitable period for river running depends on the adequacy of water volume. Thus September-November and March-April-May are most appropriate. This is when you can enjoy adventure sports in Rishikesh.

Other Adventure In Rishikesh
Adventure lovers can even indulge in canoing at Rishikesh. Hiking and nature holidays are also well accepted by the tourists in Rishikesh and an ideal base for trekking camps. You may choose from the Chandrashila, Devi Darshan, Kauri and several other treks from Rishikesh. So what are you waiting for imeediately plan an exciting Rishikesh travel and enjoy your adventure trip to Rishikesh and have a time of your life.
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