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The Lakshadweep island lie on the Arabian Sea. In the Union Territory of Lakshadweep, there are 36 coral islands and open reefs, spread out over 200-400 km. Some of these Islands are untouched and unspoilt. Everything you expect of a tropical paradise is here in Lakshadweep islands: deserted sandy beaches, stretches of coconut palm trees, endless sunshine and above all the clear blue waters of the coral lagoons.

The water here is exceptionally clean and it is an excellent place to go deep sea diving. The underwater view at Lakshadweep islands is kaleidoscopic & breathtaking. The lagoon offers excellent potential for water sports like swimming, wind-surfing diving, snorkelling & kayaking. No wonder, Lakshadweep islands are fast becoming India's one of its kind " Adventure Sport - Nature Tourism " Location.

Water Sports In Lakshadweep
Lakshadweep islands with its vast lagoon all around has emerged as a water sport destination in the country. Understanding the potential of water sports Department has been striving to make these islands a prime water sports destination not only within the country but through out the world. Another feature of water sports in Lakshadweep islands is the development of high yielding adventure water sports like scuba diving and para sailing, etc.

The Department has set up a full-fledged waters sports Institute at Kadmat island. This Institute offers facilities for Kayaking, canoeing, yachting, snorkeling, wind surfing, water skiing and last but not least scuba diving. A full fledged scuba diving centers are operational at Kavaratti and Kadmat islands and these have emerged as a prime scuba diving destinations to the well heeled and adventurous tourists.

Snorkelling in the shallow water around Bangaram Island is one of the favourite water sport activities of Lakshadweep beaches. From the 10 inhabited islands of Lakshadweep, only Bangaram and Kadmat islands are open for tourists and there are dive centers on both of these islands. Through out boarding, sailing and rowing, the three uninhabited islands Tinnakara, Parali-I and Parali-II can be accessed. Wind surfing and Kayaking are the best day out water sport activities at the Bangaram Island.

Under Water Life In Lakshadweep
With 36 coral islands, Lakshadweep's marine life is the most unique and distinctive island treasure found in India. The lagoons located at the Kadmat and Bangaram islands are home to a spectacular and unexplored world of marine life. Popularly known as the diver's haunt, the pure exotic beauty of soft and hard coral of Lakshadweep islands provides an invitation to must visit this island beach paradise.

Marine Life Of Lakshadweep
Lakshadweep Islands present a unique combination of wilderness experience on both land and sea. Beside the marine life, the one thing that can lure to the tropical beach island destination of Lakshadweep are the shells, that are as exquisite and beautiful as the island itself. So how about choosing these islands as your next beach travel destination!

In all, the archipelago offers good facilities for cruising in the crystal-clear water of the lagoons, watching numerous varieties offish from glass-bottom boats, and bathing on still lonely beaches with white sand

Scuba diving
The coral reefs and pristine blue lagoons of Lakshadweep islands and Andamans are the ideal location to go Scuba diving in India. At present, Scuba diving facilities exist at the Andaman Beach Resort and the Bay Island at Port Blair, and the Bangaram Beach Resort in the Lakshadweep. Lakshadweep has some of the best diving spots in the world, comparable to the Maldives and the Great Barrier Reefs. "Lacadives", located at the Kadmat Island Resort, is the only diving school of its kind for beginners.
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