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Adventure Destinations in India
India, paradise for adventure lovers, where every part has more than something for enjoying adventure vacations.

A very prosperous state, Gujarat possess a historical and cultural tradition dating back to the days of the Harrapan civilization. Since the beginning of civilization, Gujarat has been witness to revolutionary changes that have left their mark on the face of time. Rich in crafts, arts and music, it has a culture that is vibrant and full of life. Due to its close proximity to the sea, Gujarat has developed into a thriving economic state.

Gujarat is a unique state that has many kinds of habitats. These varied land forms include the famous dry deciduous forests like the Gir, majestic grasslands like those found at Velavadar, vast landscapes harbouring rare animals in habitats like the Little Rann of Kutch, wetland habitats such as the Nalsarovar, marine ecosystems such as those found near the Pirotan Islands and the rich moist deciduous forests like those found in the dense forests of the Dangs. Regions that catches the attention of adventure lovers in Gujarat are:

Kutch, ancient, isolated and vast, sparsely populated it is almost a forgotten island off the Western coast of the Indian sub-continent. Surrounded by the sea on the Western and Southern sides with salt deserts on the other two, Kutch has a varied landscape comprising of coral reefs, mangrove beaches, extinct volcanoes, vast grasslands, swamps and the salt deserts. Due to this variation the flora and fauna are quite unique in this vast and arid region.

Camel Safari in Gujarat The Little Rann
Between Kutch and Kathiawar lies the largest national park of India - The Little Rann. This vast area of salt flats is home to the Asiatic Wild Asses. This particular species only exists here.

Sasan Gir National Park
Almost 700 kms to the South another unique area, Sasan Gir National Park. The forest is dry and thorny; it is the only place in the world where the Asiatic Lions exist.

Horse Safari
You can enjoy horse safari in Ahmedabad, Danta(Horse safari in Aravallis), Dasada (semi-desert riding), Wankaner, Gondal and Vadodara. The historic breeds of horses can be viewed, and perhaps ridden, in Gujarat. Besides breeds of horses, Gujarat is known for its variety of livestock, including Gir cows, Jafrabadi buffaloes, Kankreji cattle, and breeds of sheep, goats and camel.

Camel Safari
The saline desert plains of the Rann of Kutch and the Banni grasslands offer delightful camel riding opportunities with opportunities to see desert wildlife and visit desert villages.

Horse Safari in Gujarat, IndiaOne can choose various trekking routes in Gujarat, popular among them being:

Saputara to Ahwa
This is an interesting four day trek with possible stopovers at villages of Bhils, Kunbis and other tribes. After Ahwa, it is possible to continue through the Mahal Bardipada forests to Gamit and Varli villages near the Gira waterfalls. There are climbing trails to Shivaji forts in the Sahyadhris, Bangs district.

This is an interesting four day walking tour along the Little Rann of Kutch with opportunities to view wildlife, watch birds, visit villages, meet nomadic people and see historic sites like Jhinjhwada fort.

An interesting four day walking tour in the Banni grasslands can include visits to the famous craft villages of the area. Idar-Vijaynagar:This is an attractive four day trek through wooded hills, with the historic Polo ruins as an added bonus. Poshina-Abur. This is a four day hill trek along rivers, passing Garasia and Bhil hamlets, crossing the Rajasthan border to Abu.

There are some good trekking areas in the Panchmahals, nature walks in Jambughoda and Ratanmahal sanctuaries, and rock climbing possibilities at Pawagadh, Junagadh and Taranga.
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