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Trakking in Himalayas

Extreme Adventure In India

Extreme Adventure in IndiaAre you ready to meet the challenges, defy the gravitation law and experience something which you scarcely have dreamed of before? India has more than enough active adventure and sports options which may get your heart pounding, nerves rushing and adrenalin pumping. Take a trip of a lifetime, trying out some of the most extreme and active adventure challenges in India. Extreme adventure in India will reveal who and what you are, challenges will demand the most of your physical, psychological and even spiritual selves. Try your inner and physical strength with different extreme adventure sports In India.

Extreme Adventure Sports In India
In almost every part of India you can find options to try out the extreme adventure sports. Himalayas have always been the main pillar of adventure sports tourism in India. Trek to great heights of Himalayan peaks going through some of the extreme challenges of freezing temperatures, soaring altitudes and pounding gravitational forces. Also, rivers in the Himalayan region are ideal for white water rafting and streaming. Compliment the wonders of nature while rafting through some of the breath-taking sceneries and rapids. Ever thought of flying like a bird? Hand gliding amongst the birds and clouds while witnessing the world from above can be an experience of a lifetime. White water rafting, hand gliding, trekking, scuba diving, mountain biking or skiing on snow; there are scores of extreme adventure activities which will make your heart pounding and adrenalin rushing.
Mountain Biking in India

Extreme Adventure Destinations of India
India has many regions and places where extreme adventure sports lovers can test their limits. Himalayan states of Himachal Pradesh, Uttaranchal, Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh have many challenging terrains for climbers, mountaineers and trekkers. India has many destinations which are ideal for aerosport adventures like hand gliding, paragliding, air ballooning etc. Some of the popular destinations for extreme sports are :

India Adventure Travel offers many well designed extreme adventure travel packages for the adventure junkies. All the tour packages are sure to give you an experience you will never forget. Want to enjoy hair raising adventures and nail biting experiences, India Adventure Travel is well-versed in organizing such type of events and excursions. Here are some of our extreme adventure travel packages :

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