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Camel Safari in India

Is it the desert which excites you most? Then, camel safari in India can be the best adventure for you which gives an opportunity to explore the most populous desert of world, Thar Desert in Rajasthan. Camel Safari in India will take you through vast expanse of sand dunes while witnessing the unique wildlife of desert and their habitat which can be an experience of lifetime. Desert of Rajasthan in India is different from anywhere in the world, here you will find small villages which you will go through with your adventurous camel safari journey and get a glimpse of culture, architectural heritages and colourful lifestyle of the people living in the extreme conditions. Rajasthan invites you to experience the thrill of camel back-riding across the Great Indian Desert with your friends, family or alone.

Camel Safari Adventure
Camel safari in Rajasthan is fast becoming popular among the tourists. Visit to India is incomplete without enjoying the adventurous trip to the Thar Desert on a camel back. It is advisable that you stay a night or two in desert camp to have a look how lively Indian desert is during the nights. With your camel safari adventure you will go through remote villages and forts and at night enjoy seeing folk dancers dancing on the traditional music of Rajasthan to have a glimpse of Rajasthani music and culture. Camel safari combined with camping in desert at night will prove to be one of the most adventurous and memorable trip. Go through some of the beautiful desert trails and wind sculpted dunes, stop at the highest dune to see the beautiful sunset, take photographs of the stunningly beautiful scenery in the ocean of sand. Guide accompanying you will tell you the survival secrets of the people living here and you will also learn about the flora and fauna found in the region that fill the desert.

Popular Circuits for Camel Safari
Historical evidences in the form of forts and monuments prove that Thar desert was an important trade route during ancient and medieval periods and camel was the only transportation mode of those times, so the Camel safari is something which has been happening since ancient times. Trip through this trade route of desert will give you chance to view some of finest architectural heritages.

Major part of Thar desert lies in Rajasthan making it only possible state for camel safari adventure. Popular camel safari regions of Rajasthan are :
  • Jaisalmer
  • Jodhpur
  • Bikaner
However, Jaisalmer is most popular among them due to its connectivity with other cities of Rajasthan and India by air, road and rail. Safari routes from all these cities are equally attractive and gives you a chance to get close to historical sites such as forts, havelis, temples and other monuments giving you feeling of bygone era.

When to go on Camel Safari
Ideal season for camel safari adventure in India is winter (November to March), as the summers are unbearably hot and temperature may go up to 50°C.

Important Points to Keep in Mind
Desert conditions are harsh and before starting your camel safari trip there are several things which you should keep in mind. Here is the checklist for your convenience to be ready to encounter the extreme conditions of the desert of India :
  • Try to book your trip well in advance with a registered travel company and take all the details of duration, accommodation and the food which will be served.
  • Some travel agents do not provide mineral water in the trip, take prior information about it. Take enough water with you to avoid dehydration.
  • In most cases one camel per person is provided, but you should confirm before booking as in few cases travel agents may try to adjust 2 persons.
  • Carry woolen cloths with you, if you are planning to spend night in the desert. Desert becomes very cold and chilly in the night, the temperature may dip to as low as 0°C.
  • To avoid sunburn sun screen cream, moisturizers and lip salve are must.
  • Cover your head with hat with a rim and wear a scarf to keep your neck covered. You can also wear a cotton cap, try to keep it wet whenever it gets hot.Do not forget to get goggles to protect your eyes from sun rays.
  • Also, carry sufficient medication and a first aid kit.
Do ask the menu of the meals which will be provided during the trip, mostly travel agents provide vegetarian food and if you are non-vegetarian, inform the travel agent about it and ask them to arrange the same for you.

India Adventure Travel is well experienced and you can always be sure of a great experience with us on your Camel Safari adventure in India. We make sure that you are well informed about your trip. Although, we are always well equipped to handle any situation, but it is very important that you are well prepared for your safari adventure to make it a wonderful and memorable trip of desert in India.

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