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Soft Adventure in India

Soft Adventure in IndiaAre you an amateur or a family person who does not want to indulge in high risk extreme adventures? Then, India has many soft adventure sports and activities in store for you which can be enjoyed with family and kids. These adventures are not something which you see on X-games. Soft adventures are sports that require less or no experience without any or low risk. Soft adventure activities are physically less demanding and can be enjoyed all alone, with family or in small groups. Soft family adventure tours in India are the best way to rejuvenate and recharge. India Adventure Travel organizes a variety of adventure sports where the first-timers, amateur adventure lovers and families can actively and comfortably participate.

Soft Adventure Sports in India
Most of the soft adventure sports are based on their extreme adventure equivalents, taking out the demanding level of physical efforts. Popular soft adventure sports in India are camel safari, jungle safari, camping, kayaking and walking through the Himalayan regions appreciating the natural beauty. India is blessed with large areas of wilderness, jungles, deserts and mountains, all these makes India ideal for enjoying adventure sports with your family and friends. Some of the soft adventure options which you can avail here are : Ideal Destinations for Soft Family Adventures
Varied landscape of India makes it an ideal destination for adventure travel. Almost every part and region of India has potential for adventure tourism. You just need to decide what and how you want to enjoy your adventure holidays. Himalayas offer adventure sports like camping, nature tours and jungle safari among others. Camel ride in Rajasthan Desert and spending night in well furnished camp can be a great adventure travel for you and your family. Taking a steamer for reaching the interiors of rain forest in Andaman Islands will be an unforgettable experience. Jeep safari in the adventurous land of Ladakh to explore the land of barren wilderness is an experience in itself. Some of the most popular destinations ideal for family adventures are : Our adventure programmes are extremely enjoyable with focus on tranquility and relaxation. We offer soft adventure tour packages which are affordable plus convenient and most important of all blended with the taste of adventure. Our soft adventure travel packages are designed in a manner to fit individual needs which you will enjoy and remember for years to come. Some of the tours have the perfect blend of cultural forays with adventurous activities for those who are looking to explore the diverse nature and culture of India. Here are some of the adventure tours for your adventurous family and friends :
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