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Trakking in Himalayas

Trekking in Ladakh

Ladakh has been a great place of attraction for trekkers. The ravishing beauty of the surroundings of Ladakh. Ladakh is a distinguished land surrounded by two of the world's highest mountain peaks- the great Himalayas and great Karakoram. A neophyte to Ladakh will be spellbound by the imperial charm in addition to the geographical and cultural difference of the place. While crossing the Great Himalayan range for instance, one passes from arid and wild terrain into beautiful alpine meadows and verdant-forested valleys. Treks are immensely rewarding, bringing one into close contact with the country. The warmth and hospitality of a charming and happy people also provide an unforgettable experience.

Trekking in Ladakh

Ladakh Trek Routes
You can enjoy many treks in Ladakh:
  • Markha Valley Trek
  • Henaskut Walna Trek
  • Lamayuru Padum Trek
  • Tsomiriri Kibber Trek
  • Hemis Zangla Trek
  • Sham Monastic Trek
  • Lamayuru Hemis Trek
  • Lamayuru Darcha Trek

Disarming views of snow capped peaks, undulating valleys, thick forests and stretches of serenity welcomes you to Ladakh. These treks are beautifully enveloped by Kanyatse and other groups of cliffs. You can visit Spituk maonastery, or Stok village, Phuktal Monastery, Hemis Monastery passing through Markha Valley Trek, LadakhStok La, Gandala Pass, Yogmala Pass, Pirkiting La. Enjoying a walk on a glacier mountain could also be memorable. How about witnessing the high meadows stippled with yaks and goats grazing in the fields. Yes, trekking in Ladhak makes all this possible besides enjoying mountaineering, river rafting, jeep safari and cycling.

Points to Keep in Mind
Special permits are not required for trekking in some Himalayan ranges except some exceptions of restricted areas. No permission is required for ordinary photography or video cameras.

Some handy tips can prove helpful for your expedition. Foreign visitors must have a valid tourist visa. While starting your trip you should get your health check up done. Your medical kit should stocked with essential medicines for headache, dizziness, nausea or bad blisters. You can categorize your trekking equipments into three classes: to wear on the trail, to carry in the day pack, to pack in the duffel bag. Your day pack should be large enough to accommodate your water bottle, personal first aid kit, sun cream, sweater or down jacket, rain parka and lunch box.

So, pack your duffel bag and get going to explore the enchanting terrains of Ladakh.

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