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Trakking in Himalayas

Trekking in India

Whenever we talk about trekking expeditions in India, mighty Himalayan ranges comes to mind and why not, being the mightiest of all the mountain range of earth, Himalayas should be on top of the list of all the trekkers of world. It is well known that Himalayas is home to some of the highest mountain peaks of world. Trekking adventure in Himalayas is not only special and happening but also promises to be a rewarding one. But it is not only Himalayas in India where you can trek, there are many other options to chose from. Nilgiri hills, hills of Western and Eastern Ghats are some where you can trek through green forests viewing wild species wandering around in natural habitat while covering the heights. The trek routes of these hills are not challenging when compared to mighty Himalayas and are ideal for amateur trekkers. The height of the peaks ranges from 2000 to 2800 meters. Moderate climate in the region makes these an year round destination for trekking adventure in India. But, it is hard to imagine for a trekker coming to India and not opting for Himalayas for satisfying his adventurous zeal.

Trekking in India

It is not that all the trekking routes of Himalayas are challenging where you need to risk yourself in danger. There are many trek paths which are easily accessible for novice trekkers. Here are some of the adventurous options which you can go for when you chose to come for trekking in India : These trekking regions of India provide opportunity to witness and experience the tough environment and it's inhabitants. The sheer majesty of vast mountainous expanse will leave you completely bewitched. Thus, trekking adventure in India is a great way for exploring and observing the wonders that surround the magnificent grandeur of India.

Siachen Glacier Trekking in India
Siachen Glacier is the world's largest non polar glacier and is often referred as the third pole. Siachen Glacier trek route has been recently opened for civilians to enjoy trekking adventure. Trekking here is a once in a lifetime experience. Siachen means 'Places of the Wild Roses' stands near India-Tibet border. Within 25 km of Siachen Glacier there are 45 peaks, altitude of which are more than 6000 m. It can be approached via Skardu in Ladakh. Siachen Glacier trekking is a dream of every trekker. For trekking here, special permission is required for the admittance in the region. Trekking expeditions are organized by the Indian Army. Fitness test is mandatory before trekking here as the route is very strenuous and one has to trek through great heights and in extremely low temperature of about minus 20 - 50 degree celsius.

Physical Effort
Though the routes are not challenging but it can be physically demanding because of its length. You will be pleasantly surprised at how easy the hiking can be if you only carry a light backpack and do not have to worry about meal preparation. Mountaineering experience is not necessary, but you must enjoy walking.

Things to Carry
It is recommended that a trekker should take up physical and dental examination before undertaking a trekking adventure in India. The first aid kit that you take with you depends on the length of the trek, its location and the no of people that are taking up the trek tour. Iodine tablets are the best reliable methods for sterilizing water for drinking, cooking and washing.

Some of the items a trekker requires while trekking on the higher altitude regions in India: a broad- brimmed hat, UV proof glasses with side blinkers and SPF-15 sunscreen that can protect one against the increased solar radiation at high altitudes. The air can be very dry in the Himalayas, so carrying a scarf and a lip balm is essential. To avoid dehydration always carry a water bottle with you and it's essential to frequently drink water.

Trekking Adventure In Indian Himalayas
A trek into the Himalayas is more than just a mountain walk; it is a journey to a remote land often far from civilization, a journey of cultural exchange, a journey back in time, a journey of discovery about others and about one's self; above all it is a complete and unique experience which satisfies adventurous ambitions and provides inner fulfillment. Within a space of few days the trekking expedition in India you may trek through the numerous Hindu settlements, ancient temples and isolated Buddhist monasteries.

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