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Winter Sports in India

India is considered one of the best destinations for winter sports in the world. And it has many places to offer for Winter Sports. What makes it a better place is the feasibility to these locations. The best places, the best facilities of a hill top and the range of winter sports, makes India a better place to be in. Winter Sports in India means skiing, sledging and trekking, All of these are religiously carried out by thousands of local tourists and foreign tourists who come India to enjoy the winter sports as well the natural beauty of the hills. From the Himalayan Range in the North to the K2 in East, India has a number of places to enjoy the Winter Sports. Here we present the winter sports which can be enjoyed in India :
Mountaineering and Ice Climbing

About Winter Sports Advcenture
Come winter and the air gets filled with the soft breeze. As weather gets intensified, the air gets more of the snow or the wintery air. Mist collapses in the air, fluffs of cotton snow fill the incredible landscape and the colors of Himalayas turn into white with the snow peaks filling the air. It is this season which becomes a travelers heaven and a skiers happening time. Moving towards some of the best treks in India one can go for trekking in the snow filled high peaks. Packing ones bags and raffling towards the high peaks is a totally different experience at this time of the season. Some of the best destinations in India to go for Winter Sports are Sikkim, Gangtok, Kumaon, Deo Tibba, Narkanda Hills, Kumaon, Kufri, Auli and the Himalayas. These are some of the best places of India where you can enjoy the winter sports to the fullest. These places are best known for skiing and snow trekking. Himalayas provide the best of adventure especially for the experienced ones.

As you watch little kids making snowman or playing cricket in the snow filled lands, you can also go for something as thrilling as skiing. Not everyones cup of tea, skiing comes out to be one of the best sports to be done during the winters. While the snow covers everything, weighing down naked tree branches and filling the forlorn stumps, skiing is a rhapsody in white. Another exciting winter sports in India is Sledging. Though not as popular and prevalent as Sledging in the Polar region, it is one of the best entertainment for kids. Holding their grips tight they can enjoy the little rides while sliding down from a little height. As for you, there is the Ice Skating awaiting for you. The best options to try out ice-skating in India is Shimla, where every year a winter sports festival is held and this sport is one of the major attractions of it. Plan your vacations to slide upon the frozen slopes and experience the frozen valleys of India.

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